Subtitles Creator 2.2
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Subtitles Creator 2.2

Free Creates a list of subpictures and SST files from SRT subtitles
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Use SRT files to create SST subtitles for Sonic Scenarist. Customize the output file's background, shadow, font or size and make time corrections.

Subtitles Creator generates the images and the SST file needed to insert your own subtitles easily using Sonic Scenarist. This free and simple tool supports SRT files, and allows the user to fully customize the appearance and the location of the texts. This application creates valid SST content for both PAL and NTSC.

Subtitles Creator makes the whole process a very simple operation. You just need an SRT with the texts and times of your subtitles. The program will then generate a BMP image for every line of text according to your preferences. These subpictures are listed in an SST file together with the precise time lapse during which the text will be shown. These SST files can then be loaded into Sonic Scenarist, that will interpret the data included in the file and will add the selected subtitles into your video.

You can customize the final appearance of your subpictures as you wish – you can change the background colour, the font used, its size, colour, and the shadow of the letters; you can also determine the exact position of each line of text (up to a maximum of three lines), the width, and the height. If you have detected a constant delay in the times coming from the SRT file, here you can set a correction factor to ensure a complete synchronization between your subpictures and the final times saved in your SST file.

Subtitles Creator supports both NTSC and PAL, and includes default position and height settings for both standards.

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